Our Stand Up Paddle trips on offer

SUP Turkey is passionate about getting people on the water, stoked to SUP and enjoy the sea. 

Simply – we run trips when you request them! We are not located in one spot, but rather travel with our boards to where you re, or where you want to be (within reason!). 

We have 6 boards ready for you to use, rent, have a lesson, come on a tour and enjoy! 

Please feel free to enquire about the pricing for our trips via Whatsapp +90 537 977 1345 (Julz)

Private Lessons

Contact us if you are in the Marmaris, Datca, Orhaniye, Alacati areas in Turkey

Daily Excursion

We can offer an amazing day experience on the water experiencing the perfect bays

Sunset SUP

Enjoy a perfect sunset on a board in the sea! Magical sunsets over Orhaniye Bay

Training SUP

Train with us - week long training trips with a yacht to follow, or daily training

Train with us...

Even body builders have been known to say the workout is a FULL body work out! 

Need a new summer fitness routine? Look no further than SUP!